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Frequently Asked Questions

picture courtesy of NKProductions

How can this blog help me?  Easy!  Use the contact form on the right side and tell me about your nonprofit.  Send me the basic details, contact info and a link.  If I think your organization will work well with the show, I will contact you to setup an interview, post information onto the blog, Tweet the information and otherwise use the internet anyway we can to promote your work.

How much does it cost?  Cost?  Nothing at all.  I think nonprofits too often struggle with visibility.  With any luck, this podcast will spread the word a little further and help get a few more butts in seats, volunteer sign-ups, sponsors or whatever else your event needs.

What else do I have to do?  Pick one or two people from your organization and get access to Skype or Google Hangouts.  If you know anyone with a decent audio setup that will help a lot.  If all else fails, talk to a teenager and see if you can borrow their gaming headset.  We'll go over a brief, simple show outline.  Then we'll talk for 10 minutes about your event, post it online and send it to everyone we know. 

Are you looking for funding?  Of course!  I want to improve the podcast with better equipment, better web hosting, better podcast hosting, etc.  I will be posting a crowd sourcing page soon.  Otherwise, contact me directly to discuss ways of sponsoring the show.