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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to Build Outstanding Schools in Rural Africa--The Impact Network

Episode 7
August 25th
by Bill Quinn

From her small office in Brooklyn, NY Reshma Patel is tackling the difficult problems confronting schools and students in Zambia with new technology and innovative teaching methods.  She is the Executive Director of the Impact Network and I was lucky enough to talk with her a couple of months ago in episode three.  In order to keep the episode around ten minutes there were a lot of interesting things I had to cut.  But since I’m currently struggling to find someone to interview, I thought I'd put the whole interview together.  In this episode Reshma talks about the education system in Zambia, what the Impact Network’s schools do differently and how they are able to be so successful for so much less.  If you’re inspired to get involved, Reshma describes many of the available opportunities to be a part of the organization.  One quick note on the recording quality; this was one of my first efforts so I clearly had some issues.  Full apologies and thanks for your patience.

Download the episode here.

The interview was in early June so we didn’t get into much detail about the gala but since November is just around the corner I’ll mention it here.  Expert chefs from around the city come together for one big international culinary blowout to benefit the Impact Network.  And since a child’s education can be funded for $3 a day, the money raised at this event can go very far. 

A overview video of the 2013 event.

Has this only whet your appetite to learn more?  Here are some links for more about the Impact Network and Zambia’s education system.

A good place to start: The Impact Network’s web site.
Do you like what the Impact Network does?  Make it official on their Facebook page.

Don’t want to read?  Here’s the Impact Network’s Youtube page.

Learn more about one of New York’s more unique fundraisers—Chefs for Impact.

Get an overview of the education system in Zambia from The Ministry of Education.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about education in Zambia.

My thanks to Reshma and the Impact Network for their time and support of the podcast (episode 3 is currently holding the title for most views).  I’ve been out of the loop for a bit between a small vacation and a large cold that took me out of action for a while but I’m back and should have episodes up more regularly going forward.  And there’s this song I like and keep using (pirating apparently) from NOFX.  Thanks fellas!

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Sunday Film Series--Putting a Spotlight on the Underground World of Indie Cinema

Episode 6
August 3, 2015
by Bill Quinn

I live in Brooklyn--a borough alive with artists and filmmakers. Yet their works are too often hard to find. Luckily people like Heather Freudenthal and the "Sunday Film Series" have stepped up to bring films to audiences in intimate settings with moderated discussions. This ongoing series has a broad mission where the selected films "...provide thought-provoking content and engaging stories that highlight a variety of topics, themes and issues, providing the audience with a captivating glimpse into characters and worlds which are underrepresented in traditional film." This episode I talk with Heather about what makes the Sunday Film Series so special. I got an inside glimpse into running a film series as well as what we can expect from the Sunday Film Screening going forward!

Download the episode here.

Visit the web site to learn more about the Sunday Film Series.

The featured film of the month is up here.

If you want to contact heather, find her email address here.

Heather endured technical difficulties and rescheduling to be on this episode so I'm very thankful for her patience and time.  I'd also like to thank Liam Billingham for taking me to a Sunday Film Series screening years ago which ultimately led to this episode.  And NOFX--why you no return my emails?  Thanks for the song all the same.