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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Sunday Film Series--Putting a Spotlight on the Underground World of Indie Cinema

Episode 6
August 3, 2015
by Bill Quinn

I live in Brooklyn--a borough alive with artists and filmmakers. Yet their works are too often hard to find. Luckily people like Heather Freudenthal and the "Sunday Film Series" have stepped up to bring films to audiences in intimate settings with moderated discussions. This ongoing series has a broad mission where the selected films "...provide thought-provoking content and engaging stories that highlight a variety of topics, themes and issues, providing the audience with a captivating glimpse into characters and worlds which are underrepresented in traditional film." This episode I talk with Heather about what makes the Sunday Film Series so special. I got an inside glimpse into running a film series as well as what we can expect from the Sunday Film Screening going forward!

Download the episode here.

Visit the web site to learn more about the Sunday Film Series.

The featured film of the month is up here.

If you want to contact heather, find her email address here.

Heather endured technical difficulties and rescheduling to be on this episode so I'm very thankful for her patience and time.  I'd also like to thank Liam Billingham for taking me to a Sunday Film Series screening years ago which ultimately led to this episode.  And NOFX--why you no return my emails?  Thanks for the song all the same.

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