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Monday, July 27, 2015

CityScience--Turning the City into a Laboratory

July 27, 2015
Episode 5
by Bill Quinn

Want to create civic pride through interactive science?  Need ideas and materials for your science classes?  These are two of the many questions this week's ambitious and unique organization wants to help you answer--the Brooklyn-based  CityScience (one word).  I had a chance to visit the office and speak with Thor Snilsberg, the personable and enthusiastic Director who has helmed the organization through it's very successful first five years and is ready to continue innovating New York City's science education.  In this episode we talk about the ways CityScience will help science teachers as well as all the different ways volunteers can get involved.  If you teach science in New York City definitely listen and check out the links below to learn more.

Download episode here.

UPDATE (12/1/15):  Be sure to click here to check out the extra questions and stories that got cut from this episode.

Check out everything CityScience has to offer by visiting their web site.

And they have a Facebook page here.

Thor mentioned the web site "Catch a Fire" which you can find here.

My thanks to Thor and everyone at CityScience for their time.  And how could I forget NOFX, thanks for the song!

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