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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Episode 4.5--Come Out And Play!

Friday, July 10 2015
by Bill Quinn

Come Out And Play 2015 is only a week away!  I'm excited to be going and even more excited that I was able to speak with Greg Trefry, co-founder of the festival.  In episode 4 we spoke about what to expect and how to get involved.  But we also spoke a little bit about the history of the festival and some of the more memorable moments.  And here it is, my extended interview with Greg:

To download the episode click here.

To learn more about the festival visit their web site.

Check out the real world game designer discussion, "Come Out And Say" at the NYU Game Center.

Want to volunteer? Click here.

Don't want to go alone? Hitch up with my meetup group (no need to RSVP).

Thanks again to Greg for being generous with his time and to NOFX for not complaining that I've been ripping off their song from the beginning.

Oh, and I couldn't resist...

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