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Sunday, July 5, 2015

"Come Out And Play"--Maybe The Most Fun You'll Have This Summer!

July 6, 2015--Episode 4

Summer festivals regularly feature a few people performing in front of a mass of passive observers.  But Come Out And Play, hitting New York in mid-July, wants festival goers at the center of the games they have to offer.  In this episode I talk with co-founder and organizer Greg Trefry who walks me through this yearly celebration that turns the city streets and parks into playing fields, game boards and video screens.  Games like "Spaghetti Stand-Off," video games like "Churp Club" and sports like "Circle Rules Football" will be taking over DUMBO and Governor's Island on July 17th and 18th as part of this free event.  The festival will kickoff on July 16 at NYU's Game Center with designers talking about their games, giving attendees an inside view of the creative process.

Download the episode here.

I have to admit, I was pretty excited to do an episode about this festival.  Games are in my DNA as anyone who knows me can attest.  But, as Greg has discovered, they are also a great way to bring together a diverse community.  Moreover, throughout its ten-year history the festival has organized several games with a social conscience.  These include games that find ways of improving a neighborhood, reclaiming public space or educating participants.  For organizations looking to advocate and educate people on social causes, you might find this event has some inspirational ideas.

To learn more about the festival visit their web site.

Check out the real world game designer discussion, "Come Out And Say" at the NYU Game Center.

Want to volunteer?  Click here.

Don't want to go alone?  Hitch up with my meetup group (no need to RSVP).

A huge thanks to Greg for taking time out of his holiday weekend to speak with me.  And as always, a tip of my hat to NOFX for the opener.

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