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Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Impact Network--Transforming Zambia's Schools

June 15, 2015--Episode 3
by Bill Quinn

Download the episode here.

It's been a while (two months?) but I'm happy to be back on track.  And with an organization whose mission of bringing high quality education to rural Africa is close to my heart--the Impact Network.  In this episode I talk with the Executive Director, Reshma Patel, who is operating ten schools in Zambia.  Not only is the Impact Network running several schools but they are leading a revolution of technology and progressive teaching methods.  We talk about the challenges of building schools and how the Impact Network's approach is helping students, improving communities and creating an education model for the whole country.

Do yourself a favor and visit the Impact Network's web site to learn more about the terrific work they're doing.  There are also lots of ways to get involved from fundraising, interning and volunteering.

A technical note:  So if you've just found my podcast or you've been a follower from the beginning, this is a pretty loose operation.  As such, I'm discovering a world of technical hiccups that apparently come with the territory.  In this episode I explore how a slow computer/Skype connection can play havoc with my recording.  So for now, please pardon the many audio problems.

A big thank you to Reshma Patel for working around my schedule and enduring all of the technical issues (in addition to the normal personality issues I subject guests to).  And to NOFX whose song, "Franco UnAmerican," I keep stealing; thank you.  I look forward to the day you return my emails and officially give me permission to use it as the opener to my podcast,

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