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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Episode 2.5--The Sex Workers Project Edited!

download the episode here.

So it turns out that after two episodes not every nonprofit in New York is banging down my door to be featured.  So while I go out and shake down some nonprofit for an interview, check out episode 2.5--an edited version of my interview with Angela Torregoza from the Sex Workers Project.  Most content providers do an edited version then release a longer version later but you'll just have to deal with my genre-busting ways.

This is a convenient reminder that the Sex Workers Project's fundraiser is a month away!  Angela and I will both be there so I hope you can come by and say "hello."

For more information, visit the Sex Workers Project.

Also be sure to visit Angela's web site as well as her justice blog.

All thanks to Angela, The Sex Worker Project, Jaclyn and of course NOFX who has generously allowed me to pirate a theme song.

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