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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Sex Worker Project--Helping Some of the Most Vulnerable

April 21, 2015—Episode 2
by Bill Quinn

Click for a downloadable version of the podcast.

This episode I interview criminal defense and immigration attorney volunteer Angela Torregoza. We talk about the many ways the Sex Worker Project is helping a very marginalized and stigmatized group.  We also learn more about a fundraising and networking event on June 11th as well as opportunities to volunteer and get involved.

For more information, visit the Sex Workers Project.  And be sure to check out their June 11th fundraiser,

Also be sure to visit Angela's web site as well as her justice blog.

Of course I want to thank Angela Torregoza and the Sex Workers Project for their time.  I would also like to thank Jaclyn Reyes for her support and for making the connection that resulted in this episode.  I'd also like to thank NOFX for writing such an amazing theme song.  I look forward one day to having their permission to use it.

A quick technical note:  I can embed different things on this blog post (as evidenced by the youtube video and picture) but have struggled mightily with Podomatic and Podbean and getting the podcast hosting sites to embed directly on this page.  I hope to have that cleared up soon.  Until then, please pardon the youtube video of the podcast.

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