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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Father’s Heart Ministry--Soup Kitchen Plus!

April 4, 2015—Episode 1
by Bill Quinn

Click for a downloadable version of the podcast.

In my first ever podcast I sat down with Father’s Heart Ministry’s very busy but delightful Jillian D’Angelo.  It took much chasing, but I finally caught up to her in a quiet  corner of the Brooklyn Public Library for ten minutes to learn more about the soup kitchen and all the other great things the Father’s Heart does for local residents.  If your vision of a soup kitchen is a gray, cold place where dead-eyed volunteers slosh soup into bowls, hearing about Father’s Heart may change your mind.

Visit the web site for Father’s Heart Ministry here.

Twitter with them here.

And don’t forget to join the volunteers for a drink on Thursday, April 30th at the 11th Street Bar with the proceeds going back to Father’s Heart.

With that, I've now launched my first episode into the podcast-o-sphere (apparently fulfilling one of the requirements of being a modern Brooklyn resident).  I know there are a few obvious areas for improvement so let me hear your thoughts in the comment section or email me.  Also, if you work with a New York City non-profit organization and would like to be featured on a future podcast, contact me by filling out the form on the right.

See you next week for a new episode!

(While they haven't given permission, the opening song is NOFX's Franco UnAmerican)

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