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Monday, September 28, 2015

"What Stories Would They Tell?"--the KIOO Project

Episode 8, October 6, 2015
by Bill Quinn

Humanitarian photographer Babita Patel tells a story of a boy laughing and pointing at the image of himself on the screen of her digital camera.  It turns out that he and other Haitian boys like him rarely if ever get to see what has become ubiquitous here in New York--a picture of themselves.  This small moment has launched an exciting nonprofit called the KIOO Project which runs photography programs for students in some of the world's poorest countries.  They not only teach students new skills but empower young people to express themselves.  This episode Babita shares stories from the work she has done in Haiti and Kenya.  And if you like what you hear, be sure to support the KIOO Project on Indiegogo by October 8th!

(Technical note:  Due to some major computer-related hurdles, this episode is very late in being posted.  Some of the times mentioned, such as two weeks left in the Indiegogo campaign, are considerably off.)

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Learn more about all the great work of the KIOO Project in the links below:
  • Help this excellent program on Indiegogo before time runs out on October 8th. Your money will support their work with students in India.
  • Here's the KIOO Project's excellent web site with a lot more information plus pictures from Haiti and Kenya. 
  • Purchase some of the photographs discussed in this episode, plus other great pictures, to support the organization.
  • Follow the project with regular updates from India on Instagram.
  • Connect with the KIOO Project through the other usual suspects of Facebook and Twitter.
  • Watch videos to see KIOO in action!
  • Learn more about Babita Patel by visiting her web site.

A huge THANK YOU and shout out to Julia Firestone for supporting the podcast and connecting me with Babita and the KIOO Project.  And another big thank you to Babita for being a fantastic guest, for patiently waiting for me to figure out technical issues (a reoccurring theme here at the BQ Podcast) and for not openly judging me when I didn't realize my web cam and microphone were broadcasting as I ranted to myself about the less-than intuitive Google On Air controls.   And lastly, thank you NOFX for not bothering me about stealing your song.  However your unresponsiveness to my requests for permission may have finally wore me down.  I will have to find a new song to lead me to the promised land: Itunes.


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