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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Improving the Quality of Surgery in Developing Countries with Mentors--Mission: Restore

Episode 9
by Bill Quinn

Last week I sat with Karina Nagan in a quiet Brooklyn coffee shop to learn about Mission: Restore, an organization dedicated to supporting surgeons around the world with knowledge and skills to improve treatment of their patients.  As Executive Director, Karina has helped to send veteran doctors to Myanmar, Tanzia and Haiti among others where they train and work with local surgeons to manage the complexities of their job.  This episode we learn more about how mentors, like Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh, founder of Mission: Restore, impact local doctors and their community as well as use teleconferencing technology to maintain their mentorships after the trip has ended.  Plus learn about the upcoming "Fall Soiree" and an opportunity for listeners to support the training of one particularly talented doctor in Tanzinia.

Download this episode here.

We just scratch the surface of their work--learn more by following these links:

Start with their home page.

Have a great night at the Mission: Restore Fall Soiree on November 13th!

Follow them on social media like Twitter and Instagram.

Get involved!  Internships, fellowships, volunteering all available by emailing.

Many thanks to Karina Nagin for spending some time talking with me.  And thank you to Babita Patel for introducing us--learn more about Babita's organization the KIOO project here.  And I'm testing out a new theme song--let me know what you think!  

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