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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"She was able to wear her t-shirt with passion, with empowerment"--Project Attica

Episode 13
By Bill Quinn

After an extended break I'm thrilled to finally ring in the new year with the latest interview: a conversation with Project Attica founder and director Anthony Posada. Entering its fifth year, Anthony and I talk about how Project Attica uses t-shirt design workshops to give young people a voice on issues that matter most to them. Chatting in a Union Square cafe, I learned more about the stop-and-frisk that sparked the idea to the empowerment youth feel when given an avenue of expression as well as their plans to work with students displaced by violence in Colombia.

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So I'd like to send a huge "thanks!" out to Anthony Posada who followed cryptic directions to find me tucked into a corner of Manhattan then stuck with me through good times and technical difficulties.  Of course, I need to thank friend-of-the-podcast Angela who you can find in episode 2!  And I was connected to both of these wonderful people through Jaclyn R. tree.  Thanks Jaclyn!

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