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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Beyond Hollywood--The Sunday Film Series

Episode 14
by Bill Quinn

While the upcoming Oscars’ ceremony has been one of the most significant and discussed in its 80+ year history, it reminds us to highlight the voices that do promote diversity in film. In episode six we highlighted one such person: Heather Freudenthall and the Sunday Film Series which showcases some wonderful and beautiful independent films in screenings throughout Brooklyn as well as online. This episode I go back to that interview and unearth some great anecdotes about the more memorable films, directors and audience members that the series brought together. For time reasons they didn't get into the first go-round but are digitally remastered and brought to life in vivid Technicolor for you now!

Download the episode here.

Links--Kinda like DVD Bonus Features.

Naturally I owe Heather a huge thank you for taking the time to work with me.  Liam, shout out to you bud for connecting us.  And thank you, dear listener and reader, for making it this far in the post!

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